Paityn Eidt
Forget The Paint
Art Imitating Life

Art Imitating Life

About Me

I am a 20 something artist with next to no formal art education. I paint and draw both digitally and traditionally, with experience in a wide variety of mediums.

I work with both realistic and surreal concepts, often mixing the two together. I specialize in both wild and domestic land-based mammals, equines and various fantasy creatures. Please contact me for commission information.

Please, enjoy!
- Paityn Eidt

The Media

I work in both traditional and digital medias, with wide experience in both. I operate Photoshop Elements 4.0, and use an intuo 3 tablet for my digital work. For my traditional work, I have experience painting in both acrylics and watercolour, printmaking, sculpture, and most drawing mediums.


>2009: First Commission: Small digital piece for an music album advertisement game in Australia.
>2010: Fine Arts Award, Highschool
>2011: Finalist in Robert Bateman's Get to Know Contest
First Large scale Commission: 89 wire tree sculptures
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